The standards suggest a minimum of 2 fire drills be conducted per annum. This ensures that you have systems in place in the event of an emergency. This also keeps the staff aware of what to do when the building needs to be evacuated.


The Fire Drill includes the following:

• A pre drill meeting with staff concerned in the evacuation process.
• Using one of the existing methods to alert staff of a potential problem.
• Taking a staff member through the process of investigating the problem area.
• Alerting staff that the evacuation isconfirmed andmust take place.
• Full evacuation to take place and emergency assembly point to be set up.
• Post drill meeting to be held with evacuation staff.
• A full fire drill audit to be completed and handed over to the manager involved.

This process takes up to one working day and is split up into 2 parts. 4 hours to be spent on site and then the audit to be done from the office.

The benefits of having us conduct the fire drills are that coaching is provided before and after the drill and the staff concerned in the evacuation process are coached in a controlled simulated role play. A full audit is handed over with a breakdown of response times, staff reactions and a comparison of actual equipment used compared to equipment that is needed throughout the process.