The laws of South Africa insist that a company or building conduct compulsory monthly safety checks. The purpose of this monthly exercise is to keep potential risks under control and to make sure that the safety equipment is in working order.


The Monthly Maintenance Plan includes the following:

• Carrying out the monthly equipment checks.
• Conducting a site walk to inspect the evacuation routes andto see that no additional risks have arisen.
• Testing P.A systems and automated fire detection systems on site.
• Go through each original identified risk and make sure it is being kept under control.
• Conducting of the monthly OHS meeting.
• A complete report to be handed over to manager concerned highlighting any problems that were discovered as well as what was found in good working order.
• A report of the complete equipment list and findings at each equipment point.
• All to be filed in the 3 file OHS system.

This process takes 1 full working day, depending on the size of the premises. The benefit of handing the monthly maintenance over to us is that it eliminates the need for a current employee to take time out of their busy schedule to worry
about safety. Once we are employed to do the monthly safety maintenance we will oversee all safety. This means that we can inspect the safety service providers’ work and only once we are satisfied with the job, payment can be released from
your side. We will also take responsibility for the maintenance of the equipment by making sure the service is done on time and that the best service providers are sourced. If any incidents occur we will be available to do an incident report. We will also be available to offer advice on any safety matters.