The rational fire plan is specifically designed to focus on your safety equipment. A full safety equipment audit is conducted and once recommendations are followed a compliance certificate will be issued and can be used for insurance purposes. This service is often utilized in response to insurance company requests or if you are lacking such a plan in your OHS system.


The Rational Fire Plan includes the following:

• A full site walk is conducted focusing on the size of the building and the current safety equipment.
• A full report is written on current safety signs and equipment.
• An additional report is written with the additional signs and equipment needed to be compliant.
• A safety equipment register is drawn up.
• Once the report recommendations have been followed and dealt with a compliance certificate is issued.

This process takes at least 1 full working day depending on the size of your premises. We offer all fire equipment at extremely competitive prices and use experienced approved installers. The benefit of taking advantage of this service is that your insurance company will then keep the certificate on record and in the event of an incident your insurer knows that it could not have been prevented by having extra equipment and there was no negligence with regards to compliance. As we are able to recommend equipment for compliance as
well as supply and install, this prevents you from having to look for additional service providers. Using us for both stages of the complianceprocess,eliminates any confusion in converting the information provided in the report to making it a reality. We also recognize the value of a loyal customer and therefore will look to offer you discounts when utilizing more than one of our services.