The Risk Assessment observes the activities that take place within the workplace. Identifying the safety risks that may occur within the company helps you create controls for potential risk situations. Minimizing safety incidents help to improve morale of the workforce, ensure continuous production and essentially save the company money.

The Risk Assessment includes the following.

• Systematically observing all of the activities in the workplace
• Identifying potential risks
• Identifying different control measures
• Talking to employees to get their input on additional potential risks
• Working with line management to strategize the best suited practicable control measures
• Drawing up safe work instructions

Once the Risk Assessment is complete you will be aware of all of the hazards and potential risks that could occur within the company. You will be given a list of practicable controls and their possible effectiveness. You will also be one step
closer to being fully compliant as you will have written work instructions for all of the potentially dangerous activities. The price of this product will vary depending on the nature of your business and the amount of time it takes to complete the comprehensive Risk Assessment.