The law states that any place of work is required to have a comprehensive evacuation plan. It is essential to have accurate evacuation plans and procedures in place. In the event of an emergency having correct and detailed procedures can save


Evacuation Plans and Procedures include the following:

• Auditing the current evacuation equipment on site.
• Setting up an emergency assembly point.
• Assessing the evacuation routes.
• Taking into account the layout of the building, the number of evacuation routes and the evacuation equipment on site
a comprehensive evacuation plan will be drafted.
• A report will be given to the managers concerned, highlighting any additional equipment that is needed to assist in an effective evacuation.

This process takes at least 1 full working day, depending on the size of the premises. Handing over the responsibility of the evacuation plans to us, guarantees that a comprehensive professional evacuation process is created. Knowing that a
complete plan is wasted without the correct training, we also offer evacuation training. This means that we can offer you a holistic evacuation solution.