By law companies are expected to adhere to South African standards and regulations. The framework for these standards are set in the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993. Having an effective and accurate Occupational Health and Safety System in place allows you to be on top of safety within your working environment and have control of your contractors.


• Setting up an OHS committee.
• Appointing OHS safety representatives.
• Training of safety representatives to assist in continuing the OHS safety process.
• Auditing your contractor service level agreements.
• Auditing your compliance certificates.
• Creating a fire safety equipment register.
• Creating a fire and life safety plan with procedures and strategies to follow in the event of any emergency situation.
• Creating a fire and life safety plan including a list of safety equipment and signs needed to be compliant as well as pin
pointing the location where they need to be installed.
• Creating specific master documents for the mandatory monthly safety checks.
• Creating a 3 file system including all appointments, minutes of OHS meetings and the fire life safety plan. Master
documents for risk assessments, incident reports and monthly safety checks.
• A full report to be handed over to management with all of the findings from the equipment and form audits.

This process takes 2-3 working days depending on the size of your site as a full site walk needs to be conducted for the
equipment audit. At the end of this process you will be left with a complete safety system that enables you to keep track
of your potential risks.

Besides being compliant, there are many advantages of this product. By using our knowledge and experience we set up
this complex system in full, leaving you with easy to follow monthly instructions. As we have included the compliance
and contractors audit in this system you find out what you are lacking from certain contractors and are able to demand
this from them. This benefits you as the experts have given you compliance, so in the event of something going wrong
the contractors are the ones under the microscope.

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