This training empowers the identified evacuation management team to take charge in an evacuation situation.This training can also be added to the fire training if the personneloverlap. This would save time as well as money when it is possible to combine the training.



The Evacuation Training includes the following:

• A presentation of the current evacuation plans.
• A detailed breakdown of all the different components needed in an effective evacuation.
• A site walk going through all of the evacuation routes and the assembly point/s.
• A list of what equipment is needed through each part of the evacuation process.
• How to conduct effective office sweeps in compliance with correct communication.
• How to organize an assembly point and what tools are needed for a swift headcount.

This training lasts 5 hours. As this training can be combined with the basic fire orientation, only 1 site walk is needed and the training will last 1 full working day. The benefit of using us as your evacuation training provider is that as we are
specialized in creating evacuation systems as well, we can compile the training to the specific needs on your site.