A company is required to have a fire and safety equipment register. As far as compliance certificates are concerned you are not required to get one by law but most insurance companies may insist on companies getting one.


This service includes the following:

• An audit of all the safety equipment on site
• An audit of the safety signage
• An audit of emergency lighting
• A measurement of the various areas on site
• An audit of the service and compliance history of the safety products
• Numbering of all the fire and safety equipment
• A register is created identifying the type of safety equipment, the number of each unit and the location
• A written report of the standards and laws the company needs to comply to
• After the client has complied with the requirements, a cover letter and a certificate are issued, stating that the
company is compliant with regards to the safety equipment

The complete service takes 1 day. Besides the legal requirements of a register, the benefits of utilizing this service are that you will increase your control and knowledge of your safety equipment. The compliance certificate is an important
document to have, if something does happen to go wrong on your site, as the certificate will help ensure that your insurer meets the claim.