Every building in South Africa has to have approved floor plans from the relevant city council. We specialize in assisting with including all of the safety information onto the plans.



Assisting with Floor Plans includes the following:

• Measuring all the areas of the building.
• Marking existing and required fire safety equipment and exit doors onto the floor plans.
• Taking account of the specific laws and regulations for your occupancy, we draft a covering letter stating that, after implementation of all of the safety additions we have made, the building will be compliant. We include the full list of laws and regulations you would comply with.

This process takes at least 1 full working day, depending on the size of your premises. Please be aware that in some cases a fully functional building may be approached by a council building inspector and be requested to upgrade the floor
plans by indicating installed and required safety equipment. In this situation we would go through the same process as above with the inclusion of an additional assessment, stating where you are failing to comply. This is done as the council
requests that this process indicates what you started with and what you have done to rectify any shortcomings. The benefit of utilizing this service is that you ensure the process is dealt with quickly and effectively eliminating the need to go back and forth to the council. With the process we go through, the council is left satisfied that you have done all that has been asked of you and the plans can be signed off.