Rules and regulations vary depending on which business sector you are in. It is essential to have the appropriate number of people trained in fire safety on each of your sites. We are able to recommend the correct amount of people who need to be trained and then facilitate the training.




The Basic Fire Orientation Teaches the following:

• The chemistry of fire.
• Familiarizing the trainees with the safety equipment found on site.
• Familiarizing the trainees with the safety signs on site.
• How to investigate a fire.
• How to put out a fire.
• How to identify possible fire risks.
• A full site walk is conducted pointing out risks on site.
• How to use the fire safety equipment on site.
• How to identify the correct piece of equipment to use in a fire emergency.
• A certificate is given to the staff that attend the training.

The training lasts 5-7 hours, depending on the size of the site. The benefit of your staff going through this training is that they feel competent when faced with an emergency situation. With staff members knowing how to use the safety equipment on site and how to approach a potential fire situation, a disaster can be averted by putting out a fire before it reaches a dangerous level. This can save the company money in prevention of stock losses as well as giving you the best chance of business continuity.

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